Top 3 Sights You’ll See When Skydiving on the Beaches of Jacksonville

skydiving on the beach

Only a short drive from the hub of downtown Jacksonville, Amelia Island is an enchanting little island in the marshes off of Florida’s north Atlantic coast. The island may be small, but she is as rich in history and nightlife as she is manicured golf courses and beautiful beaches. All of the southern charm of Florida is ever-present on this 13-mile-long island, just waiting for you to discover it as you soar higher than the gulls. From 12,000ft above the ever-growing canopy of live oaks, skydiving on the beaches with us you can get an eyeful of miles upon miles of golden sand and flourishing green salt marshes — and still have the whole day ahead of you to enjoy everything Amelia Island has to offer!

Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach is a busy community and Florida’s northern-most city on the Atlantic coast. Home to the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival, Fernandina Beach also offers boutique shopping and golfing on top of its many miles of spotless beaches. No wonder it’s popular for both honeymooning newlyweds and adventurous travelers alike!  With fresh seafood, gorgeous views, and a nightlife as varied as the inhabitants of the island themselves, you are bound to find something for everyone in your group. Before you hit the road for a night on the town, ask yourself “What would be the best way to map out any must-hit spots?” Nothing could possibly beat the friendly skies, of course!

Forget the salon, you’ll have authentic beach waves after feeling the salted air rushing through your locks. While everyone else gets their tan by lazing about on the beach, you and your friends can get that golden hour glow while skydiving on the beaches. Pair that with cheeks flushed with excitement for a flawless easy breezy beach look. The adrenaline rush of the plunge is the perfect pre-game before a night of tasty libations. Ask your tandem partner if they have a favorite spot in town, we may be able to clue you in to little known gems!

Fort Clinch State Park

Dwarfing its neighboring live oaks, Fort Clinch stands in solidarity to the north of our flight area. An important port for the people of Florida through the years, this Civil War era fort and surrounding park are unbeatable sights as you sail among the clouds. Popular for a leisurely day of swimming and easy hikes, the park is home to several walking trails and popular fishing spots. The park has also been home to the intimidating Fort Clinch since 1847. With its garrison display of cannons and demonstrations of battlefield skills once a month, the park can be a great place for history buffs.

But for history buffs looking for a little more adventure, we recommend the view from the skies. You can walk to walls, or you can soar above them. Get a birds-eye view of the high double pentagonal walls that push into the beach. Picture its wide-open green lawn filled with the simple tent homes of Civil War soldiers, fires burning to keep them warm as the surrounding buildings are full of official business. Cannons point from its stone walls across the Cumberland channel, which is a beautiful sight to be seen on its own. From this view, it’s easy to see the planning that went into the placement and construction of this imposing fortress. It is also hard to imagine that this predecessor to the Pentagon was not meant to be seen from above with the clean lines of its distinct 5-sided shape.

Amelia Island Lighthouse

Standing at the highpoint of the island with Egans Creek below and surrounded by trees dripping in Spanish moss, Amelia Island Lighthouse is the oldest in the state of Florida. Built with bricks from the former Cumberland lighthouse on the island, the Amelia Island Lighthouse is the only dual-wall lighthouse still standing in Florida. The sight from the top of the lighthouse is beautiful, but also comes after a single file trek up sixty-nine narrow granite steps that can only be made on a guided tour. Tours are only available during select hours of the week. During the weekend, the surrounding grounds can be investigated during a narrow window of time on Saturday (11am-2pm).

This gentle giant’s light, once oil-powered and now electric, can be see for 15 miles and has been guiding ships lost in the sea fog since 1839. Its towering form rises high, stark white against the endless blue, and makes it a powerful symbol of hope for weary travelers on the roughest of seas. Its creamy stone walls climb higher than the trees, gleaming against a glittering ocean in the warm Florida sun. On the right day, the site of the elegant lighthouse can bring a tear to anyone’s eye.

Should I Skydive on the Beaches?

Skydiving in Jacksonville has something for everyone, and the only way to guarantee you will see every last inch of this beautiful island getaway is from the skies! From the cockpit, the soft sand calls to you as you marvel at the single greatest sight of all: the Atlantic Ocean. It stretches out in front of you until it meets the sky. From 5,000 ft, they swirl together into a seemingly endless blue expanse. Clouds and sea foam melt into one another making this glorious beach town look like its own heaven on earth. Before you dive in, take a breath and enjoy the freedom of skydiving on the Jacksonville beaches.

If you miss any of these sights, or want more, don’t panic! We offer video of your flight, but you can also book as many flights as you like with us. If you are a local, some see our home from a brand new angle! With 10,000 jumps and counting we guarantee a thrilling view of our little island, friendly faces, and perfect sunny Florida weather for every jump.

For more information or to book your jump today, contact Skydive Amelia Island at 904-718-4648 or contact us online at SkydiveAmelia@gmail.com.

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