How Does It Feel To Skydive?

Does It Feel Like a Roller Coaster to Skydive?

How Does it Feel to Skydive?     How does it feel to skydive? The Staff and Skydivers at Skydive Amelia Island claims you feel like you are flying. You see everything below you as if it is an aerial map. The feeling makes you feel like you have wings. Skydive involves jumping out of a plane after which you descend gradually to the ground. It is a different experience when on a roller coaster where you are fastened to the seats and you make a flip flop turn as you approach the hill top and then fall back to the ground. If you would like to enjoy the different experiences in the two fun adventures, then you need to plan and have a coaster-roller ride as well as a skydive experience. Some of the differences between the two are explained below.

Skydiving Feels Like Flying.

People can make hand and leg movements during skydiving just like birds in the air do. You will tend to experience some flip flops in a roller-coaster after which you will experience a drop in height. It is a different experience when on skydive because the whole experience seems like a fly session rather than a drop. Skydivers will not sense the drop in height as you fly down the height. You will tend to enjoy the landscape below you which looks like an aerial map. A cushion of air as you exit the plane makes you have a smooth flying experience.

There is No Sense in the Drop in Height in a Skydive.

On skydive you will see the terrain below and the canopy. You can see shadows of bushes unlike the roller-coaster. On a roller coaster you have full sense of how far it is to the ground . It is a different case when you are skydiving. The resistance from the wind and the distance between you and the ground makes you feel as if you are not falling.

How it Feels to Skydive

Skydive is Very Smooth as You Lose Altitude.

In roller coaster you will be fastened between the harnesses where your movement is restricted. It is a totally different scene when on skydive because you are free to kick legs and hands as you fly down the height. You are fastened onto a parachute where you cover distance very fast. You will not feel like you are moving that fast which is unlike the case of a roller coaster where you have full sense of the distance you are covering and the distance you are in relative to the ground. If it is your first time, you will be flying along with a guide who will operate the parachute as you fly from the plane.

Roller-Coaster of Emotions

How does it feel to skydive, does skydiving feel like a roller-coaster? No, the two are totally different experiences as explained above. Although, your emotions and adrenaline may feel like a roller-coaster, Skydive is smooth and enjoyable. Another difference you will note is the way the two are operated, you jump out of a plane in skydive which is unlike a roller coaster where you are fastened onto the seat before the climb and fall begins.

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