How to Look Good Skydiving

When you make the decision to take on skydiving, you start to do everything you can to feel prepared. You make calls and send emails, hopeful to find the right skydive center for you. You want the ultimate experience, and you want to know that your instructors to train you for every little thing that could get thrown your way. But what about those Instagram pics and that handicam footage? What should you wear so you look good skydiving?

It may not be high on your list, but what to wear when skydiving is just as important as where you will skydive. You want something that promotes maximum athleticism and doesn’t obstruct the process. And yes, you want to look good while skydiving. Today, we’ll discuss the best tips, tricks, and straight up no-nos of skydiving fashion.

Skydiving Hairstyles

If you’re bald or have short hair, you’ve got the advantage here! The best hair for skydiving is none at all. No muss, no fuss. Just slap on your gear and you’re good to go. If you aren’t blessed with a shining dome, there are more than a few good options for you.

Bandanas and cloth headbands work great for medium length hair. They will keep the hair out of your face and give you a clear view. An added benefit is that they keep any sweat at bay, and they’re also helpful to prevent sunburn for thinning hair. Avoid hats! Hats will blow away when skydiving, and there isn’t a guarantee you’ll find it, no matter how big your search crew.

Longer hair will need to be contained. Braiding can be helpful, but smaller braids should be bunched together to prevent discomfort. Even a few rain drops can sting when traveling at 120mph, let alone tiny hair whips. This can be a time to shine for flying fashionistas. Perhaps a tasteful ballet bun? Or playful space buns? French braid entering into a low pony? The possibilities are endless, but perhaps leave any glitter or hair accessories at home. Choose a style that you can do with a couple tasteful ties.

You may not have thought, but this advice can also be applied to our bearded patrons. If you are rocking a mile long, magnificent beard, think about tying it together neatly so it doesn’t distract from your view. You want to see the land below, and you want your friends and family to see your beautiful face in the video.

Skydiving Outfit Tips

For tandem skydiving, you do not need any special outfit. That said, many people want to look their best at all times. Keep in mind that you want to wear something easy to move in, but flowing isn’t going to be your best choice here.

Jeans aren’t the worst choice, but they can be restrictive for some, especially tighter cuts made of 100% cotton. Jeggings are highly recommended for customers who want to stay in their trusty skinnies. We recommend looking at it as you would any sport, though. If you’ve got workout-appropriate wear, that’s the best way to go.

Avoid hoodies too. These will be uncomfortable and can border on dangerous. Layers are a good idea. Also, stay covered up! Yes, even in the summer. Remember, it’s going to be about 30 degrees colder when we reach altitude. Layers will be your best friend. Put on multiple thin materials that will allow you to move but also will trap your body heat. A recipe for maximum flexibility and comfort!

The Little Things for Looking Good Skydiving — And Staying Safe

Shoes are another important but often overlooked part of proper skydiving equipment. Open-toed shoes are a major faux pas in the air, as are your favorite slip on clogs. We also wouldn’t recommend Timberlands or Dr. Martens, no matter how safe they keep you on the ground. Just as with clothing, you want something flexible but protective to wear on your feet. Running shoes and tennis shoes provide you with the best of both. Chuck Taylor All-stars are another popular shoes choice that would be fantastic for ensuring a safer landing, which should be no surprise seeing as they were the original go-to sports shoe. No matter what you choose, make sure they are secure and fit properly.

Guests with specs may be asking ‘what about me?’ You’ll want to enjoy the sights while you sail, just as anyone else. If you wear glasses and happen to also own contacts, they are your best option. This way you won’t have to worry about keeping track of glasses while you are several thousand feet above ground. Transitions-style lenses may seem like a great idea to ensure no glare, but with the high cost of these specialty lenses, we would leave them on the ground If possible. Whether you wear glasses or contacts, eye protection will be provided and the utmost care will be taken to keep those important must-haves secure.

The same care should be taken with any smaller items of value. “If you wouldn’t wear it swimming, don’t wear it skydiving” is a general rule of thumb. Anything too precious to replace should not be up there in the cabin with you.

What Should I Wear Skydiving?

When preparing your perfect skydive outfit, keep it practical and comfortable. Use common sense and treat skydiving like any other sport. No open toed shoes, nothing that can hinder movement, and keep yourself covered! Your skydiving outfit can be as simple as your favorite work out pants, a coupled layered shirts, and throwing you hair up in a bun. The outfit doesn’t need to be ultra-chic or a fleece rated for sub-zero temps. Just follow a few of the basic tips laid out and you will be ready to make the leap.

If you do continue to have questions on or before jump day on what to wear, you can always reach out. Our stellar customer service agents and instructors will be happy to answer any questions and are here to ensure that you are prepared. Give us a call today to discuss or to book your jump with us!

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