Is Skydiving Dangerous

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Is Skydiving Dangerous? Yup. A failing parachute seems to most people as the clasic “worst possible situation” yet thousands each year throw themselves from perfectly good airplanes just for the posible “thrill of it”. On the surface it looks like a 50/50 bet at best and most people, (rightfullly so) would and should back away from those maybe maybe not situations. So it seems amazing that some would choose to repeat this russian game of ariel roulette on a daily bassis. The truth is Skydiving is as safe as most other extreme sports.

Skydiving is Less Dangerous Than Most Thrills.

Bull riding, tightrope walking, and fire eating are worse than skydiving. Most people stay away from all of those events but skydiving is different. It seems crazys but 3.5 million of us do it every year. Try it. Tandem Skydiving is the safest way to experience skydiving without training. Most adults over 18 and less than 250 lbs can safely skydive at 250 skydive centers in the US.

Check out the stats from USPA.org


Is Skydiving Dangerous

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