What to Know Before Skydiving

What to Know Before Skydiving

Are you wondering what to know before skydiving? Well, this is a question that has been talked about often because of the increasing popularity of this activity. It is hard to answer this question in one sentence. This is because there are various elements about skydiving you should understand before engaging yourself into this activity. In this piece, we are going to look at top five skydiving tips that every skydiver should keep in mind before making a jump.

Prepare Your Body Physically

It is a good idea to get your body right before skydiving. This doesn’t mean that you have to be physically fit to achieve this. But, you should always do some warm-up stretches and exercises to get your muscles and your body loose before skydiving. Keep in mind that you will be falling at a speed of 120 mph or more. So, it’s imperative that your body should be completely relaxed and ready during the skydive.

Keep Your Mind Steady

Don’t forget that you will be jumping from a plane. You should ensure you have a relaxed mind and emotions so that you can enjoy every minute. In addition, try to look for resources and any relevant information that you come across about skydiving to educate yourself more about this activity. If you happen to be uneasy during the skydiving day, try to meditate to help keep your mind steady and rest.

Breathe and Take it Easy

This might sound like something that is unusual, but having a heads up of how to breathe well is of high importance.  Especially when you are in the air. You can avoid hyperventilation by taking slow, deep breaths instead of quick, short successive breathes. Try to be calm during skydiving and also listen to your instructor who will walk you during skydiving day. The bottom line is that breathing while up in the air should not be difficult. You will learn how to breathe as if you were on the ground.

Don’t Believe the Skydiving Hype

During skydiving, you will be jumping from a plane at about 10,000 feet from the ground and understandably terrifying especially for someone who has not gone skydiving. Despite the heights or the hype that circulates about it, skydiving is among the safest fun activities that you can engage in. As a matter of facts with a few skydiving tips, you can enjoy this activity in spite of the hype around it. We love our customers. We love skydiving with our friends. So, you come be our customer once and our friend forever.


Your safety is paramount when it comes to skydiving. Ensure that the skydiving instructor you are working with is certified with a grade D license. You should always note that instructors are consummate professionals who must be trained and licensed by the USPA. You can also check the credentials of your instructor and skydiving company online, to ascertain whether they are properly certified.

What to know before skydiving? Whether you are a beginner or experienced skydiver, there will always be something new to learn. Safety is paramount and as such, you should always be careful before skydiving. In addition, always check the skydiving company, as well as the instructors. Most Jacksonville skydive centers are licensed USPA. With the above skydiving tips you will definitely enjoy skydiving and have a memorable skydive in Florida.

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