What To Wear for Skydiving?

What to Wear Skydiving

The Best Tips on How to Dress for Your First Skydiving

Skydiving is a great sport that you can enjoy as long you wear the right attire. Just like you would dress up for other sports or even when going to the gym, skydive requires you to do the same. This means that there are some things that you should avoid completely such as jewels, the shoes you wear should be comfortable and well fastened, and ensure the clothes that you wear are well-fitting and not too loose or too tight. The shoes to avoid include; flip-flops, slippers, formal shoes for men and high heels for ladies. Such shoes can cause a lot of distractions while on the air, and therefore, they should be avoided as much as possible.

What to Expect At The Skydive Station

Beginners are usually provided with an instructor to guide them while moving on the air, according to Skydive Amelia Island instructors. But they are also required to play some roles while in the air such as maintaining the required body form and position. The instructor is only responsible for directing the skydiving gadget on the air and controlling it. Therefore, anything involving your body such as positioning it, lifting the feet when you are about to fly or even landing the feet should be done by you. So, you need to be mentally and physically prepared without forgetting you should ensure that you are comfortable enough.

Importance of Wearing The Right Attires When Skydiving

It is much easier to maintain the right body position while flying when you have the right clothes because they allow you to move on the air comfortably. One essential thing to keep

in mind when choosing your clothes is the materials. Make sure that the clothes provide enough warmth while in the sky since it is a bit chilly on the air.

The Best Shoes to Wear for A Skydive

Although most of the times you will not be using your feet while skydiving, it is still recommended that you wear comfortable and the right shoes as well. First off, you need lightweight shoes that will enable you to lift your feet with ease and also land comfortably on the ground and thus, you need to be as comfortable as possible. Some of the best shoes that you can wear for skydiving include gym shoes, sneakers and also running shoes can work correctly for this sport too.

The Shoes to Avoid When Skydiving

Some of the shoes that you must entirely avoid when skydiving include boots, heels, or any shoes that will restrict free movements or make your feet feel bulky.

Can One wear Accessories When Skydiving?

The answer to this question is yes, but, it all depends on the kind of accessories you want to wear. For example, if you have to wear eyeglasses all the time for better vision, then you can still wear your glasses when skydiving. The station will provide you with larger flying eye goggles that will accommodate your glasses. But avoid wearing sunglasses especially if they are dark since they can restrict you from having a clear vision on the air. Avoid wearing hanging jewels like necklaces, or earings and also ensure that your hair is tied back if it is long.

What to Wear For Skydive Based On Seasons

Summer Versus Winter

The weather and temperature are essential factors to consider when skydiving. This is because the sky is more chilled as opposed to the ground and hence, it is expected to be colder during the winter than in summer. So during the winter, make sure to wear layers of warm clothes to keep you warm while in the sky but, during the summer you can reduce the number of clothes to wear.

This article should give you a great first step into your first skydive experience. Enjoy the ride!

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